Part treasure hunt, part ritual, part performance – Beacons seeks to connect us to each other and our place in the wider eco-system. 

One hundred ancient sea gooseberries have washed ashore from the past with an important message for us, but they became separated in a storm and can only reveal their secrets once they are all reunited. Seeking refuge in local businesses, public spaces, and the surrounding countryside,   the gooseberries wait for us to find them, following clues and visiting new places to piece together the puzzle. If you find a gooseberry, it’s important to take care of it, and when it starts to glow, the gooseberries are ready to sing! That’s the signal to assemble on the beach, where all the gooseberries and their finders come together and find that they are part of a magical pop up son-et-lumiere, a participatory light installation woven with live acapella song that harks back to ancient community rituals. 

Beacons is supported by Creative Folkestone, and will premiere in Folkestone in Spring 2021. I am developing this project in collaboration with composer Emily Peasgood, creative technologist Tarim, Community Engagement Artist Ruby Bolton, producers Sparked Echo, and organisations around the local area. Research & Development took place in Autumn 2019, and a short film is available here. You can also visit the Beacons website.

Beacons will be available to respond to other locations from April 2021 onwards – if you’d like to find out more please get in touch.