The (Future) Wales Coast Path

Newport & Magor -throughout 2022

The (Future) Wales Coast Path seeks to raise awareness of the impermanence of the land many of us take for granted, and to open up a conversation about flooding, sea level rise, and adaptation. 

It physicalises the future of our shoreline and highlights the habitat, communities, and physical space we may have to say goodbye to. Communities are invited to walk together from the current shoreline to the future edge of the land, to document, share stories, and begin conversations about the future of this place as we seek to acknowledge and adapt to our shifting coastline.

Arriving at the future shore, we meet a lighthouse whose light reacts to tidal data from to a buoy located elsewhere in the world where regular tidal inundation is already a reality. These lighthouses are a warning system, a navigation marker for the future and an indication that we are not alone and can learn from those at the frontline of the climate crisis if we are open to doing so.

Pilot explorations with the landscapes and communities of the Gwent Levels and Newport took place in 2020, supported by National Theatre Wales and Creative Europe. In August 2020 Alison walked the possible future coastline from Chepstow to Newport, alongside local people, researchers, and land managers. A photo diary of this journey and the conversations along the route can be found here.

Pervasive Media Studio supported Alison to delve deeper into the international context of the work with collaborators Ken Eklund and Vikram Iyengar – you can see a visual map of their work here and listen to the artists talk about the project here.

Alison is currently developing this project in Newport and Magor and she is creating maps, walking scores, and guidebooks with the local community, as well as connecting with a community in the Indian Sundarbans in collaboration with choreographer Vikram Iyengar. The first stage of activity took place in February 2022. Lighthouses will be installed in Newport and Magor from April -October 2022 and additional public activities will be in April, May, July, September and October 2022.

Full event listings and booking information can be found at along with activities you can enjoy in your own time. All activity is free and open to everyone.



Thursday 28th April 4-6.30pm Riverside Ramble circular walk from Newport Riverfront Lighthouse and a chance to try out our Explorer cards.

Saturday 30th April

2-4pmTidal Talking Shop at Unit 9, Friars Walk. Drop in to map a future Newport, find out more about the project, and pick up your free Explorer cards.

5-9pm Sunset Lighthouse walk from Newport Riverfront Lighthouse to West Usk Lighthouse, accompanied by music from Delyth Jenkins.


Wednesday 27th April 5-7pm Toast the Lighthouse with a short return walk from Magor Marsh to the Sea Wall and storytelling from Christine Watkins.

Monday 2nd May 9.30am-2pm Creative Morning Ramble across the moors from Magor Marsh Lighthouse to the Sea.

All free. Visit to book your place. More opportunities to get involved throughout the year.

Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part or would like to have a conversation about the project. You can also watch a film introducing the work here. This phase of work is funded by Arts Council Wales, with assistance from Newport Riverfront, Newport Fusion, Living Levels, Somerset Wildlife Trust and Gwent Wildlife Trust.