Finding Common Ground

Wales 2024

An exploration as part of a year long Future Wales Fellowship opportunity supported by Arts Council Wales and Natural Resources Wales, with Peak Cymru and National Trust.

The Future Wales Fellowship is an opportunity to go deep with research into our connection with nature. Over the coming year I will be exploring material and ritual, letting the materials of the land and sea lead my inquiry, and seeking out rituals past and present that those materials offer us. I’m interested in native and sustainable grown materials that can teach us something about where we are and bring us into a closer relationship with place, as being within, rather than on, stewarding, conquering, or using

The research process will involve making in response to materials and places; exploring possibilities for co-building of shelters and structures; and interrogating stories of global and local extractionism, as well as possibilities for healing through accessible land, sea and sky based rituals that reconnect us to the cycles of the moon, the sun and the seasons.

This is the beginning of the adventure and I’m excited to see where it leads…