The Curtain

Young Vic Theatre London 2016
Director: Rachel Lincoln, Lighting: Nicki Brown, Photography: Helen Murray

“Create a space that supports the (non professional) cast to move in an interesting way” was the challenge from director Rachel Lincoln. 

My response was to fill the theatre space with water surrounded by a narrow ledge on which the audience sat on three sides, sharing this space with the performers. Ladders and climbing poles extended to the ceiling, providing a sense of jeopardy, possibility, and multiple playing spaces that utilised every inch of the theatre. Lighting transformed the pool from a bottomless place of fear, into a playful environment, echoing the dramaturgical journey.

The Curtain was a Young Vic participatory project working with people who experienced language loss and/or spoke languages other than English. It was devised by the company, and written by Eve Leigh, with the design responding to their stories and creating a supportive and exciting performance environment that invited interaction.